Dairy Products


YOLIDA yogurt is a natural low-fat UNSWEETENED yogurt with live active bacterial culture that has become well known for its many health benefits. YOLIDA can be found in most modern trade retail outlets all over Thailand.

Alli brand by Sunrise Dairy Limited specializes in production for, and delivery to, the food service (HORECA) market. With more than 20 years experience in this market, we understand what is important to customers, and have become the reliable dairy products supply partner to many hotels, restaurants and catering businesses.



Yolida is a premium grade low-fat unsweetened yogurt, and has become well-known all over Thailand for its quality and health benefits. It is naturally set and unstirred. It has a stiff, thick, full-bodied and smooth texture. It has a natural sour taste and fresh delicate yogurt smell and flavour. Yolida is made in a special process by adding healthy live active bacterial culture after the milk has been pasteurized, and then allowing it to ferment directly in the container. This preserves the live active nature of the healthy bacteria that have been added.



Yolida ProBio is a new probiotic yogurt developed by Sunrise Dairy Limited. Probiotics are microorganisms that are live and active and provide health benefits to those who consume them in adequate amounts.
Yolida Probio is an excellent probiotic food which has a very high volume of health-promoting microorganisms, comprising live and active probiotic bacteria. These probiotic bacteria include Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis and Lactobacillus Paracasei.
Studies by internationally recognized research institutions, have confirmed the health benefits of these probiotic bacteria. These benefits include significant improvements in digestive health and strengthening of the human immune system.
Most yogurts on the market today are of the “stirred” type, and are produced by fermentation in the vat. These stirred yogurts may require heating prior to filling in the container, a process which tends to kill off many of the good bacteria, and therefore causing the health benefits to be lost. In contrast, Yolida ProBio is produced in a special process by adding live and active probiotic bacteria after the milk has been pasteurized. The yogurt is then fermented directly in the cup, and immediately sealed in a hygienic way. This allows for the good health-promoting bacteria to remain live and active, and the natural probiotic benefits of the bacteria are maintained. This is why the curd in all Yolida yogurt, including Yolida ProBio is stiff and in “set” form.



Alli brand sour cream is a premium-grade sour cream made from high quality fresh cream. It is standardized to a fat content of 20%. It is made by an all-natural method and set in the cup, thus producing and stiff, thick and creamy smooth texture.
Alli sour cream is fermented using specific strains of lactic acid culture yielding an authentic European taste and texture, with a unique mouthfeel. No bland-tasting generic cultures are used.



Sunrise Dairy Limited produces Alli brand premium-grade fresh pasteurized milk. It is made from100% fresh cows milk, mainly from our own dairy farm, and other farms right here in Thailand. All fresh pasteurized milk produced by Sunrise Dairy is pure and real; it is not made by recombining water with imported milk powder or other dairy solids. Alli brand pasteurized milk has a wholesome natural taste with a full-bodied smooth texture.


Alli whole milk is full-cream with 3.25% fat, and a high total solids content. It has a rich natural taste, creamy texture, and is high in both calcium and protein.
It comes in three sizes: 5 litres and 2 litres which is convenient for different types of food service outlets. The large 5-litre gallon may be most convenient for use in main or large kitchens or bakeries, whereas the smaller bottles can be used at coffee outlets and similar lower volume outlets.
Our Alli whole milk can be used for all food service needs including breakfast buffet, cooking, baking, mixing into coffee, or making great foam on cappuccino coffee.



Alli brand low-fat pasteurized milk is basically the same great tasting 100% pure natural milk as our whole milk, except that we have reduced its fat content to between 1.5 to 2%. It also has a high total solids content, hence maintaining the same high levels of protein and calcium as in whole milk, while keeping the fat low.
Our Alli low-fat milk is best consumed straight, particularly for individuals who may have concerns about excessive fat in their diet. It can also be used very well for mixing into coffee or making great foam on cappuccino coffee.



Alli Whip brand fresh pasteurized whipping cream, produced by Sunrise Dairy Limited, has become a highly sought after product in the food service market. Many food service users have come to enjoy Alli Whip’s fresh natural dairy cream taste and its functional versatility.
The key to Alli Whip’s great natural taste is that it is made from 100% pure dairy cream. This cream is separated directly from high quality pure fresh milk in our own factory. You can be sure it is real cream because it comes from real milk; there is no recombining or filling with butter oil or vegetable fats. This gives Alli Whip its great natural taste and aroma.
The fat in Alli Whip is pure dairy and standardized to 36%, which is higher than the industry standard, and helps make Alli Whip thick and smooth. Sunrise Dairy produces Alli Whip in a special manner to give it its distinctive functional versatility.
Alli Whip can be used for a wide range of food service needs, including :

  • whipped up for use as a rich fresh and aromatic topping on baked or coffee products
  • whipped with icing sugar to make cake glazes, both for top and sides
  • mixed as an ingredient into the batter or filling of baked products such as cream cheese cake
  • cooking of all kinds of foods including European dishes such as soups, pasta sauces, and Indian or Thai curry sauces
Alli Whip brand fresh pasteurized whipping cream, produced by Sunrise Dairy Limited, has become a highly sought after product in the food service market. Many food service users have come to enjoy Alli Whip’s fresh natural dairy cream taste and its functional versatility.



For the food service market, Alli brand sour cream is available in two convenient sizes, 450 gm and 145 gm cups. We also take special orders for larger bulk quantities of 1.8 kgs or more depending on our customers’ needs.
Alli sour cream is used by the food service industry in many ways:
  • as an ingredient in the batter or filling of baked products such as sour cream cheese cake
  • for making salad creams and dressings
  • served directly in a side dish and spooned on to enhance many served foods such as baked potatoes, steaks, and steamed vegetables



In the food service industry, serving Yolida with the breakfast buffet will be sure to please guests from all over the world. Guests who are familiar with high quality unsweetened naturally set yogurt in their home countries will be pleased to find a similar product served to them right here in Thailand.
In addition to serving Yolida for direct consumption, chefs and food servers can also use their creativity to add in fruits and cereals or let guests make their own favourite muesli mixture.
Yolida can also be used by food service outlets :
  • as an ingredient in the batter or filling of baked products
  • for making salad creams and dressings
  • in making tzatziki sauce or other cold food sauces
  • as the main ingredient in sauces for marinating meats



Sunrise Dairy Limited also supplies custom-ordered dairy products for use as ingredients in further processing in the food industry. For example, we can supply various yoghurt formulations used in marinating meat products, or dairy creams with a wide range of fat content for mixing into sauces or other mixtures.
We have substantial experience in developing specialty dairy products for different applications in the food industry according to customers’ needs. Bulk packing sizes are also available. For enquiries about such products please click on Contact Us, and tell us what you need.