Milk Processing Plant

Milk Processing Plant
The Sunrise Dairy milk processing plant was established in 2001. It takes in all of the fresh raw milk from our dairy farm everyday. This fresh raw milk is the primary supply of raw material for our factory.
All of the finished dairy products produced in our factory are made from 100% pure fresh raw milk. None of our products comprise of reconstituted ingredients. There are no products made from recombining milk powders with water.
Our factory is located in an environmentally clean rural area, and the building and facilities are clean and hygienic. We maintain a
well-monitored system of production and quality control, covering every step in the production process, from the intake of raw materials to the microbiological testing of finished products. The overall priority of this control system is to ensure that every finished product leaving our factory is of the highest quality in terms of taste, texture, function, and, most importantly, with regard to hygiene and food safety. Only after all tests for quality assurance have been met are products authorized to leave the factory and shipped out to our various distribution centers. Ultimately, it is the satisfaction and confidence of all our customers that is our first priority.
In this connection, our factory has been fully certified by the Thai FDA, HACCAP, GHPs standard (by SGS) and is also HALAL certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.