Dairy Farm
In 1995 Sunrise Dairy Limited set up a small dairy farm located on Lake Supprado in Sikiew district, Nakorn Ratchasima province, starting with only a few head of dairy cattle. This farm was gradually developed and expanded, and later moved to its current location in Laadbuakhao
sub-district of Sikiew. The farm has now grown into a modern facility with well-managed agro practices.
Given that Sunrise Dairy Limited produces a variety of high quality finished dairy products, it must be said that the starting point for such high quality products starts with high quality fresh raw milk. And high quality fresh raw milk starts with dairy cattle that are healthy and
well-cared for.
On the Sunrise Dairy farm we give great importance and effort to the care of all our cattle. We do this by ensuring that they all get sufficient feed, that the feed is of good quality, and that they always have a ready supply of clean drinking water. We also provide them with a comfortable area for resting. At the same time, we have an extensive preventative health maintenance programme to ensure the cattle are kept in good health.